CRETEDOC STL has been studying, learning, and working for 9 years, when CreteDoc was Established. More than a century of knowledge and in field learning has been completed by the entirety of our team. A variety of equipment, materials, chemicals and other products have been tested to stay ahead of industry standards — providing the best services and products available. This is an immense reason why CRETEDOC was created. We were weary of watching people provide a service and product that they didn’t believe in or test, for that matter. As a result, it was frustrating for the owner to see half-hearted work being completed to save money at the cost of delivering a compromised service or product. CRETEDOC communicates with chemists, engineers and many other trades daily about product integrity and applications. We have tested numerous products in the field, as well as in controlled situations to find the best available options to provide our customers with top of the line, innovative products. Through the decades of experience of CRETEDOC’S team, even before it was created, along with our time in business since 2012, we have found some products and materials that we stand by and believe in. We are to create a space in our facility that will house these proven trusted products. These products will be on the market to purchase directly through CRETEDOC. We will have an online store as well as a store front. Both contractors and homeowners will be welcome to contact us to allow CRETEDOC to provide them with the correct materials for all concrete needs (i.e. cleaners, sealers, forming materials, stains, dyes, ppe, etc). This is our vision and a work in progress, as we are working with chemists and manufacturers to create specific CRETEDOC product lines.