Progress at the CreteDoc Shop

Check out the progress at the CreteDoc Shop!

What will the CreteDoc Shop be used for?

– CreteDoc STL facilities will be a space for artisans of different trades to collaborate on specific projects to create works personalized for customers.

– CreteDoc also intends to allow this space to be rented out daily and/or weekly by competent and insured professionals to work on projects they may normally be doing within much more confined areas, such as their personal garages or basements.

– This model communicates how diverse individuals can come together, as a community. Our wish is to utilize this facility to create a safe, fun and educational space to bring local families and businesses together.

Learn more here: https://cretedoc.com/workshop/

Thank you, CreteDoc team, for working so hard! Your work does not go unnoticed. Below are the most recent updates: